Beth Corrick, MFT

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Payment and Insurance

Individual                - 50 minutes  - $125

Couple and Family - 75 minutes  - $188

Making contact:

I am happy to speak with you to determine if I can meet your needs.

Payment options:

You can pay by cash or check, or by PayPal with prior arrangement. Please have your check made out before the session to optimize our time together.

Can I use insurance?:

I am currently empaneled on:


Aetna EAP

Anthem Blue Cross

Anthme Blue Cross EAP

Blue Shield of California




Magellan EAP

Military One Source (Beacon Health Options)


Even if you have an HMO or EPO, it may still make sense for us work together. Check your deductible. If it’s on the higher side, you may decide to pay out of pocket anyway – since you would have to pay as much with an “in-network” provider.

Questions to ask your Insurance Company:

“I would like to verify my insurance coverage for outpatient mental health services with an out of network provider.”

    •What is my deductible?

    •What is my deductible period? Is it a calendar year?

    •What percentage will you pay for each session?

    •Is this percentage based on the actual billed amount?

    •Is there a maximum number of sessions per calendar year?

    •Do the sessions need to be preapproved or certified for payment?

    •If yes, how often do they need to be preapproved?

    •What is the procedure for preapproval?

    •What is the address to mail claims for payment?

    •Is couples therapy covered (if applicable)?

    •Are any diagnoses excluded? Which ones?

    • How long does it take to get reimbursed?